I've been friends with Eric/Errol Hem and Justin/Trybz for a bit now. I can't tell you the exact date or year we met. But one thing I definitely can say is that since linking with Errol Hem these 2 as well as many others have had my back from day 1. Fully believing in my abilities as an artists, times when I would get down on myself for mistakes made during my sets or letting me vent about the behind the scenes side of music. They are some of the most talented artists I have the honor of working with. Plus so much more to come.

I just had to cut a few people up on out my life

Kept telling me they got my back then push me to the side

Been at this for over 15 years not too many cheers just a ton a beers

But its whatever though
Been at this forever so

Feeling the whether now
Tethered and tired bout

Time that I sever ties
Make em regret it all

Hate to but better off
Truly need this for my overall

I dont do this for the wrong

Human beings switch up like the changing of the seasons

Soon yall bout to see the true meaning
of a sole being