I met the homie Thad Wenatchee while out doing some recording out in Seattle back in April. He's part of few different projects out West, from Concuss Creations to Hollow Earth Radio he's definitely one of the busiest people I know outside of the Midwest. I won't even get into all things Concuss what that crew is doing out west is definitely something amazing. My trip to Seattle was beyond what I could have ever expected. Can't wait to see what the future holds.


B B B back
B b b back
B b b back

Back home got non believas
They all gone sign a prenup

homies know love is enough
not trying to be conceited

Im not tryna be jesus
Not trying to have a god complex

Maybe like a gosh darn this boy good
I like his style

But I can only make it to this one show sorry for now

Ill never be mad if youve ever supported but some cant even pretend to ignor it hopefully this is the only time I have to say shit

Im just trying to make a living while yall trying to be famous.

Plenty of money but these funny boys
Charging friends just to perform

They 15 minutes got cut short lol
SAYin its the only way


Knick knack pattywhack give that boy what hes earned

Better get ahead or one day soon yall gone learn

My words and my reach they stretch along way

Trying to tell you now before it gets too late


You good if we are up to this moment.
Ill pick and choose from here on out.

Unfollow unfriending the negative
Respect is supposed to be earned

But I give it then decide if need to take it all back

Or just a portion, maybe you changed your ways

I dont try to cut a person off but gotta protect my name and my face

Do right by me ill do the same to you
Come on now learn to show a little respect my dude